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COACHING thoughts

Does the website look a little different to you? I believe that each season in your life comes with an opportunity to change, grow, and reshape your life. For me, 2021 came with the need to rebrand my services as my passion within human resources intensified. While I will occasionally coach Business Owners and Executives – my coaching services are largely catered towards the HR profession, complete with a new podcast! 

Amplify – Six Week Program
This program is built on the foundation that to achieve your goals you need to find your blind spots, challenges, motivation, and opportunity to create logical strategic plans to achieve your goals.

4 Coaching Sessions
3 Self-Paced Modules
 Reflective Workbook
Powerful Career Data Analytics
FOR MAXIMUM Goals Achievement

Week One: Brainstorming 60 Minute Coaching Session
Week Two: Self-Paced Goal Identification Module
Week Three: Coaching Session (one hour)
Week Four: Self-Paced Goal Development Module
Week Five: Coaching Session (one hour)
Week Six: Self-Paced Goal Executive Module & Coaching Session Wrap Up (one hour)

Please Note: I am dedicated to an outstanding and interactive experience, so at this time, I am only starting with limited new clients weekly. This will more than likely be my business model for the future as impactful results are key motivators for my clients, and this comes from dedication and time management.

Blush Lotus YouTube Channel
I got the podcast bug a few weeks ago and I had to really channel within how to strategically position my channel. What would not only compliment my brand but be the most valuable to my clients – a channel devoted on career development of course. Here I answer your questions and I have guests discuss their own experience with career development within HR and other disciplines. I believe there’s a lot we can learn from one another.

Watch Us:

That is my recap! I hope you all have a fantastic day! Don't hesitant to use the links below to contact me or get started!

Blush Lotus by Nakisha Griffin is a National Coaching Firm focused on Career Development for Aspiring and Current Human Resources Professionals at all career levels. Nakisha offers practical and linear strategic coaching focused on goal identification, execution, and achievement. 



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